Halo EFX reversible polymer coating solution (RPCS) is a tough, vinyl-like, reversible PPS liquid spray wrap coating developed to change, improve or enhance OEM factory components including clear-coated body panels, emblems, badges, grills, rims and disc brake calipers. Properly installed, Halo EFX can provide long lasting protection, while also offering a distinct look and feel unlike any other RPCS.

Yes! Unlinke some other suppliers, you are more than welcome to come to us to pick you your order and meet us. We are currently setting up mini distributon locations across Australia to be close to you and let you save even more.

To become an authorized installer, you must be an active panel shop business with a commercial location.

It is our commitment to provide you with the best value, at the lowest price. We understand, value your business and strive to keep our prices low, and save you money while providing you with the lastest, safest and best quality.

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We process your order within the same day. If you are located within a range of 30km from our location and for bigger orders of more than 4 boxes, we might deliver it in person at the end of the day. In this case, please make sure you place an order 1 day in advance before 3 PM. For any other deliveries, this product need to be shipped by road and might take up to 6 days.

Yes, and not preparation/body works are needed. Once your vehicle is fully washed, dried and masked, you can apply Halo EFX with a conventional spray gun and build layers to enhance durability and guarantee peelability after a few years. You can apply your favourite colour and to maximize performances clear 2k top coat can be applied. If you which to keep the current colour, you can simply apply Halo EFX as is on top of the current paint. After few years, you can peel it off.

A conventional electric spray gun will do for a DIY job. However professional installers with professional equipment, will be able to easily liquid wrap your car in a OEM finish.

This is totally up to them as we don’t dictate pricing for application. We only supply the product to them on demand.

For DIY jobs we provide some support and guidance on how is applied. Authorized professional installers already know how.

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