About Halo EFX

The Halo EFX reversible polymer coating solution (RPCS) represents a resilient, vinyl-like coating engineered to transform, enhance, or elevate original equipment manufacturer (OEM) factory components, including clear-coated body panels, emblems, badges, grills, rims, and disc brake calipers. When properly applied, Halo EFX not only provides durable protection but also offers a unique aesthetic and tactile experience unparalleled by other RPCS options.

Halo EFX Real Clear stands out as an ideal choice for blending flakes, pearls, and compatible pigment systems, expanding the color palette to virtually limitless variations and complexities. 

Numerous OEM factory finishes have benefited from the application of Halo EFX, demonstrating its efficacy. Thanks to its versatility, both amateurs and professionals employ Halo EFX with various HVLP-based paint systems, with the Earlex-style turbine system being the most prevalent choice. Widely accessible at local home improvement and hardware stores, the Earlex system offers an economical solution for both DIY enthusiasts and seasoned installers alike.

The advantages of Halo EFX are twofold: not only can it radically alter the appearance and texture of a vehicle, but it also shields the factory OEM finish from the rigors of contemporary driving conditions. When installed correctly, Halo EFX forms an impermeable barrier against moisture, salts, acids, and bases, delivering comprehensive protection even in harsh environments. Its applications extend beyond automotive use, proving invaluable in scenarios where safeguarding against the elements is imperative, such as personal sports car track days, off-road excursions, marine ventures, and industrial settings.

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